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Data protection   Concerning   the   possibility   of   inserting   personal   or   business   data   (such   as   e-mail   address,   names,   postal   addresses),   this   is   done   by   the   user himself   on   a   totally   voluntary   basis.   The   claim   and   payment   of   all   signed   offers,   the   use   of   contact   details   such   as   postal   addresses,   telephone numbers,   fax   numbers,   and   e-mail   addresses   which   have   been   published   within   the   frame   about   us   or   comparable   information   and   forwarding this   then   to   a   third   party   as   well   as   especially   requested   confidential   information   is   not   allowed.   Legal   steps   against   the   senders   of   so   called spam-mails are explicitly reserved as a breach against this law. 5. Legal effect of this disclaimer of liability   This   disclaimer   is   to   be   seen   as   a   part   of   the   internet   offer   from   which   you   are   directed   to   this   web   page.   Provided   that   parts   or   individual formulations   of   this   text   are   not   applicable,   no   longer   applicable   or   not   totally   correspond   to   equal   current   legal   situation,   the   other   parts   of this document will stay untouched in its contents and its validity. Data Protection and Security   The   protection   of   your   personal   rights   is   of   great   importance   to   us.   The   elicitation,   processing   and   utilization   of   the   given   data   of   the   individual person will be done according to statutory requirements.   Personal   data   according   to   the   Federal   Data   Protection   Act   (Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes   –   BDSG   of   Germany)   means   any   information concerning   the   personal   or   material   circumstances   of   an   identified   or   unidentifiable   individual   (data   subject).   These   can   also   be   specialized data   such   as   health   or   income   next   to   name,   address,   date   of   birth,   occupation   and   bank   account.   All   these   data   are   subject   to   the   Federal Data Protection Act and a special protection, which we ensure though technical and organisational measures.   We   do   not   need   any   personal   data   from   you   when   you   visit   us   on   our   publicity   website   pages.   Your   visit   on   our   website   pages   will   be   free   as anonymous   information   and   stored   only   for   statistic   use.   The   date,   the   time   use,   the   name   of   your   internet-service-provider   and   the   websites that   you   use   by   us   will   be   kept   stored   in   our   information   account.   This   new   information   will   be   only   used   for   statistics   to   help   us   to   serve   you with better and more efficient internet information.   The   retaining   and   storage   of   your   personal   data   lands   in   our   information   account.   The   use   and   further   work   with   your   personal   data   is   only   for the   original   purpose   that   you   have   given   it   to   us.   According   to   the   Federal   Data   Protection   Act   (BDGS)   Article   §   34   and   §   6b   you   have   the   right to   all   your   retained   and   stored   information   and   according   to   Article   §   35   you   have   the   right   to   hold   or   to   stop   for   example   insufficient information   or   inadmissible   details.   Inquire   personally   directly   by   us   in   all   these   cases.   The   explanation   of   data   protection   concerns   only   this website. It does not apply to websites that are connected to these websites.
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