We are YOUR independent expert for international health insurance coverage. We offer ideal health an accident insurance solutions individually attuned to the respective needs of expatriates, their dependants, persons living abroad temporarily or permanently, immigrants and internationally active companies. These solutions provide you ideal international health insurance coverage - for a lifetime, if you wish.
Ideal International Health Insurance Coverage for your life abroad!
As an independent specialist we work on a neutral basis and without reservations for you. In our constantly up to date portfolio we exclusively list excellent international health and accident insurance plans of the worlds remarkable providers. Simply fill in the inquiry form below. We will provide you with an individual international health and accident insurance quotation. This service is free of charge for you and without any obligation. Filling in this form will only take a few minutes and we will respond to you quickly (usually within two Canadian business days). This service is free of costs and without any obligation for you. Your personal data will be treated strictly confidential. We will neither use it for advertising purposes nor hand it to an unauthorized third party. Your inquiry will be submitted via SSL.
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